Canonic Fugues

Radical Classical

Classical/Alternative Rock

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Album Tracks:

1. Damaged Misfits 3:23

2. Phantom Pain 3:29

3. Throwaway Kid 3:12

4. Set Your Bones 2:59

5. Dead Man's Switch 4:21

6. Force The Shutdown 3:03

7. Voltaic Intervention 1:12

8. Fortress Of Wonder 3:18

9. Sight 3:21

10. Arcane 3:25

11. The Generators 3:45

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Artist: Radical Classical 
Title : Radical Classical
Release Date: 2008

  Artist: Radical Classical (Jocelyn Celaya)          
Title: Mosaic Jungle
Release Date: 2007


1.Prelude to Apocalypse
2.Rally to the Siege
3.Dimensional Struggles
4.Don't Lock up the Sky
5.Prayer of the Prey
6.Canela (English)
7.Fake Up
8.Radical Classical
9.Transparency in Silence
10.The Rock Ness Monster
11.Hug for a Thug
12.Canela (Spanish)
13.Social Arrest
14.Song of the Sage
15.Outro (Reconciled)


1. Mosaic Jungle
2. Classical Gas
3. Yesterday
4. Romanza
5. You
6. Horizon
7. La Chanson de Claudine
8. Canon in D
9. Edelweiss
10. Malaguena
11. Knees

Artist: Radical Classical (Jocelyn Celaya)          
Title: String Theory
Release Date: 2006

1.String Theory
2.Melting Point
3.My Own Game
4.House of the Rising Sun
5.Heart of the Desert
6.Rolling Rhythm
7.Dust in the Wind
8.Mosaic Jungle
9.Moonlight Sonata
10.Street Jam
11.Bonus Track

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